Residential flat lease extensions and collective freehold enfranchisement in London, Surrey and the South East is now dealt with by Each Side Leasehold.

The growth and specialisation of this residential valuation work dealt by us through Each Side Leasehold since 2008 has meant that work on commercial valuations, business rent reviews and business rating has now ceased.

As a result we have made a commercial decision to close RDN Chartered Surveyors and this took place with effect from 31 January 2015.

A very big thank you to all Clients who have supported us in the past 22 years, particularly in the difficult times at the start. If you require any advice on flat lease extensions or collective freehold purchases or wish to discuss this initially without obligation please contact us at Each Side Leasehold.

Thank you.

Roger Nelson FRICS, IRRV (Hons)
Jackie Collis BSc (Hons)
Telephone 01737 237811